CDs & DVDs

Those shiny, shiny discs! Man they come in handy.

Buy & Sell Used CDs

Think of those CDs. At our used prices, an album is cheaper than the 99 cents per song you’ll pay at the online store, you can re-rip them anytime and anywhere you want, and you have a permanent backup! And you get the liner notes, and sometimes the lyrics, in an easy-to-use paper format.

We have a huge selection of CDs, eminently browsable, with many categories and new discs being put out every day. Our CD section is a great place to explore and find new stuff.

Are you really, really old-school? We carry vinyl records, too!

Buy & Sell Used DVDs

Movies? We buy and sell both DVDs and Blu-Ray. Sometimes it’s fun to rent a movie online, but then you have to wait for the download, and hope your Internet connection is up to streaming it—isn’t it better to have your old favorites on the shelf, ready to play at a moment’s notice? (Not to mention the exclusives you sometimes get when you buy the discs!)

Our prices are so good you can buy something you like, watch it as much as you want, sell it back and pick up another one. No pesky late fees, no disappearing digital media.

Just great movies on shiny discs.

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