& More!

Used Books & More. That & More is kind of intriguing, isn’t it? It opens up all kinds of possibilities.

The truth is that the world is a lot different from when we first started in 1974, and our inventory has changed to reflect that. Some things we started carrying but we don’t carry anymore (like VHS tapes!) Some things that we didn’t carry then, but we do now (like vinyl records!) And, of course, there are a lot of things that didn’t exist when we first started, that we carry now.

Things like DVDs. Music CDs. Video game consoles. eReaders and other electronics. Action figures!

All those things we buy and sell. We also have a lot of little goodies that you might expect of a funky store like us—video game candy, odd little gifties like unsual air fresheners and board games.

As things change, ”& More” will change too—but we guarantee that you’ll find at least one unexpected item when you come to visit—and that will be your very own version of ”& More.”

Edward McKay Bookstore Locations

Greensboro Used Bookstore

1607 Battleground Avenue
Greensboro, NC‎

Winston-Salem Used Bookstore

115 Oakwood Drive
Winston-Salem, NC